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An Essential Perspective . . .

This web site was created in 2012 by researcher Susan Larison Danz, M.S., host of The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast. It was originally very focused on sharing and archiving news and feature stories related to the "nuts and bolts" aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

During the early years, there were also accompanying appearances at occasional expos and festivals and on radio. As more and more media web sites became much less openly accessible in several impactful, limiting ways and also due to the time intensive nature of keeping this site current, the original purpose of this web site faded away.

Multiple partner domains forward to this web site, and that started very early as well. It is highly synchronistic just how easily all of these domains were readily available - and clearly with real purpose.

All along, for many years, what was also very powerfully emerging was the need to expand towards a much more meaningful charter, beyond the "nuts and bolts". Whenever speaking at conferences or appearing on media, Susan (who has a scientific and spiritual background) was clearly much more focused on the non-materialistic aspects, and that for years pre-dated the existence of this web site.

In 2024, clearly an ungoing "Disclosure Discussion" is more actively continuing. To provide an open-minded, expansive perspective when contemplating and researching the nature of extraterrestrial life, this web site is clearly intended for the deeper discussion which will inevitably emerge, beyond materialistically narrow considerations.

Other experts who are interested primarily in the "nuts and bolts" aspects are much better situated to focus on that research. This web site and its partner domains will now be focused on non-materialistic, expansive contemplations regarding how we should be thinking about extraterrestrial possibilities and research. This is not a new perspective, but it is a critically important one that has always warranted mindful and serious thought.

Society will naturally gravitate towards more nuanced perspectives because society itself is nuanced. It is a vitally important research perspective to avoid assumptions that disable our explorations.

There is much more to our world (and beyond) than the "nuts and bolts". The impacts to society from any formal approach to a "disclosure event" are profound and will unfold in many intricate ways.

Listen to a fascinating conversation between Susan Larison Danz and Stephen Bassett on The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast from some years ago, but still relevant, presenting dual perspectives (the "nuts and bolts" and "higher consciousness" views).

More will emerge on this site soon . . .